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Since the Cock Incident at work (anyone who can't see my locked entries, this is not as exciting as it sounds) everyone's been noticing cocks all over the place. I would say "Weird", but I know it's just an example of that thing where you notice a word for some reason, and then you keep hearing it again and again, but it's not that it's being said any more often, it's just that your brain's now flagging it up every time it appears. I'm sure there's a name for that. I've forgotten it, but I'm sure if someone reminds me, I'll see it mentioned again at least a dozen times before the end of the year.

Anyway, moral of the story: there are more cocks on British TV than you'd think. Or, perhaps not.

Links! Doctor Who Archive - copies of internal BBC paperwork from the first series of Doctor Who, including concept notes and audience research. This is what the internet is FOR.

I'm loving this way to deal with people asking dumb questions on the internet. "Who won the US election?" Here's the answer.

Top Ten Ways To Amuse A Geek. Worked for me.

Star Wars a capella tribute to John Williams. Seriously, watch this - it's a hundred times better than it sounds (and it sounds pretty damn cool.)

And OMG BOLD CAPSLOCK FLAIL. Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart in Waiting For Godot. In Edinburgh. Who wants to come with me? Anyone? Please?

I registered on the theatre website and it had the best drop-down list for "Title" that I'd ever seen.

Dr & Mr
Dr & Mrs
Dr & Ms
Dr & Prof
Lord & Lady
Mr & Dr
Mr & Mrs
Mr & Ms
Mrs & Miss
Mrs & Mrs
Mrs & Ms
Prof & Dr
Prof & Mr
Prof & Mrs
Professor Sir
Sir & Lady
The Hon Dame
The Hon Lord
The Hon Lord & Lady
The Rt Hon
The Rt Hon Lord
The Rt Hon Lord & Lady
The Rt Hon Mrs

Thorough, huh? Interesting the discrepancies it throws up - to do with male being the default gender, so you have all the different permutations of Miss & Mrs & Ms, just about (no Ms & Ms?) but just "Messrs" for all blokes; but also just random - why can't a Prof or a Rt Hon have a Ms? Why "Doctors" but not "Profs"? I'm strangely fascinated. And tempted to tell them I'm a Rt Hon Lord & Lady.
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