Notes from extinction (pickwick) wrote,
Notes from extinction

Knowing I lov'd my books, he furnish'd me...

Er, so, how would you define too many books? Six isn't that many, right? Especially when three of them were half price and one is a Christmas present. (I don't know who for yet, but that's Beside The Point.) The ones I got for me were Obama's two (both half price), FlashForward by Robert J Sawyer, which someone recommended recently, the new Bryant & May supernaturalish detective novel (yay!), and, um, a new trashy urban fantasy thing by someone who used to write Buffy novels. I have no excuse.

I had a dark cherry mocha, which was OK, and a Black Forest Cupcake, which was amazing. Mmm. I think I like the gingerbread lattes better than the dark cherry mochas, though, and now I'm craving one.

I went on to the Book People website still thinking about Christmas presents, and as usual I'm now sitting looking at a basket that has a couple of Christmas presents and a long list of books for me. 10 Jeeves books for a tenner, though, and a fabulous-looking Complete Shakespeare reduced from £35 to £15. I already have two Complete Shakespeare's, but one's a cheap £3 one from a supermarket, and the other one is an old one I bought because it was pretty, but it's not very practical. And this one has all sorts of annotations and extra information about staging and so on.

Must resist.
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