Notes from extinction (pickwick) wrote,
Notes from extinction

On a Saturday night

The financial crisis doesn't seem to be affecting my bank much, given the enthusiasm with which they keep increasing my credit limit, unasked, even though my credit card balance never goes above £500. Vaguely reassuring that I can still get my hands on more money if I need it, I suppose.

Nonetheless, I will attempt not to buy any too many books tomorrow, when I go to Borders for coffee. I do want one of these cherry mocha things people keep talking about, though. Mmm.

I had low expectations of the Doctor Who bit of Children In Need, which was wise, as it turned out. You've got two minutes, so you use 45 seconds to show the Doctor looking gleefully at some snow? Also, ROSE-ita? I didn't even notice that at the time, but...sigh. It kind of amuses me that the BBC are so blatantly lying - or coming close to it - to try and persuade people that David Morrissey is the next Doctor, but I suppose the general public don't really have any reason to think it's untrue. Christmas special looks...silly. As long as it's better than Runaway Bride, that's all I ask.
Tags: whovian
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