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Happy Obama Day

Dude. You guys. How good was that?!

I was knackered yesterday because I stayed up too late on Monday night, so I ended up going to bed at about nine last night...and then waking up just after 3, and sticking 5 Live on to see what was happening. I chose a good time. The projections were just coming through for some of the crucial states, and everyone was very excited, apart from the people at the Republican election party, who were mostly going home. And then the networks called it, and we got McCain's graceful concession speech, then that acceptance speech from Obama, which I dragged myself out of bed to go and watch on TV. And the pictures of Jesse Jackson, and of the hundreds of thousands of people partying in the US and all over the I was exchanging cynical and sarcastic texts with a friend the whole time, which kept us nicely grounded, heh. 5 Live's election coverage was great, actually, even Richard Bacon - I might listen to it next time there's an election here.

I have cynicism, of course, but it'll keep. This is a day for celebrating. Appropriate that there'll be fireworks going off around the UK all day anyway. (Except in Glasgow, where the display has been postponed till tomorrow because of thebloodyfootball. Gah.)

When I got to work, everyone was talking about how the result had made them cry. At just after eight, I got a text from a friend who's a fan of neither politics nor early mornings, saying !! HAPPY OBAMA DAY !!. There's nothing I can add to that, except...I love the whole world...

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