Notes from extinction (pickwick) wrote,
Notes from extinction

Grey areas

Eeeek. Exec producers Jesse Alexander and Jeph Loeb axed from Heroes. I don't think that can be good, bloody meddling studio...

Overweight women have more sex. Hah.

NSFW VID: Close-up of female orgasm. I thought it was really interesting, cos, y'know, I haven't seen one close up...

theferrett has an essay on arguing with people when you think in shades of grey and they think in black and white. It's based on an argument about universal health care, but you get these people all over the place.

My investigating RPG team (remember the pinboard?) are actually getting somewhere! Hurrah! At this rate we might solve the thing by Christmas. And some people are definitely gonna BURN. Heresy!!!

I really want to watch the US election results. Anyone know what time they're likely to start coming in, UK time? I'm working from 8am on Wednesday and we always have News24 on in the office, so I might just be able to bag a seat near enough to read the subtitles and then stare at that all day...
Tags: heroes, politics, roleplaying, vids

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