Notes from extinction (pickwick) wrote,
Notes from extinction


I've just been irritated into sending an email of support for Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross to the Beeb. Which is annoying, because I HATE prank calls and calls intended to humiliate and upset people - but they happen all the time on radio, and this is such an over-reaction. Gah. Just shut up, now. We don't need to hear from all our political leaders, and the Director General, and the BBC Trust...

It's so clear that people are complaining mostly because of how much Jonathan Ross gets paid - if he was on 30 grand a year, nobody would care. Except the people who just want to have a go at the BBC. The people who are claiming to be offended on behalf of Andrew Sachs, but are still complaining despite the fact that he's accepted their apologies and said he doesn't want revenge, are driving me insane with their lack of self-awareness.

I'm sure Sachs feels much better now that the story's been top of the news for days, his grand-daughter's getting her tits out for the Sun (and has signed with Max Clifford) and stills from her porn movie are all over the net.

GAH. Again.
Tags: bbc, rant
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