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Stories about stories about stories...

A separate post for my recent reading, so that I can find it again as much as anything else.

Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke, the last in the Inkheart trilogy, is a worthy if not outstanding end to the series, and the book itself is gorgeous. It's got quotes from other books as its chapter headings, thanks to which I finally got round to reading The Book Thief, which is every bit as good as everyone says it is. Narrated in a fragmented style by Death, it's the story of Liesel, a German girl with a Communist background, during World War II. But it's just as much about books, and about words, and about love, and about death, and about living. It's a fractured narrative that can keep you out of the story to a certain extent, which fits in nicely with the unreality of the whole situation and the eternal apartness of the narrator, and yet you'll almost certainly read the last 50 pages or so in a puddle of tears.

Before those, I read A Writer's Tale by Russell T Davies, which is a series of emails between him and a journalist during the writing of the last season of New Who, including a bunch of first-draft scripts in bits, as they were written. I wasn't sure about buying it - despite it also being a beautiful book - but Amazon has it half price, and it's well worth it. Rampant paranoia and insecurity are less annoying than the over-the-top arrogance and explain it a bit, so although RTD is still a bit of a cock, it didn't enrage me in the way I half expected, given that I can't watch Confidential because he annoys me too much. The insights into the writing process in general - and the process of getting it on TV - are interesting, and it's great to watch the evolution of season four. And he doesn't obsess about Rose too much.

I finished The Book Thief last night, and don't have anything lined up to read next. Maybe the Age of Misrule trilogy, or maybe I should get back to Eisenhorn, the Warhammer 40K spin-off I was actually enjoying before I got sidetracked. Or I picked up Lady Friday and Superior Saturday by Garth Nix - not sure whether I should re-read Monday to Thursday before I read them, it's been a while!
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