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Big Brother is not watching you

I watched Dead Set, and it was great. Zombies + Charlie Brooker + Big Brother, what can go wrong? It was mostly setup, but didn't drag. Pretty gory for TV, too, although a it was cartoon violence, with lots of black comedy. The Big Brother bits really felt like Big Brother - of course, it helped that it was all filmed in the house and, I suspect, in the real offices - and it was fun to see old housemates again. It looks like people enjoyed it even if they weren't BB fans, which I hadn't been that sure about, but I guess the in-jokes were just extras for fans. (Eugene and his crap punchline to the obviously long and dull anecdote, hee. I love Eugene.)

My internet was doing odd things, loading some pages but not others - it was fine with the BBC and Guardian websites, but objected strongly to LJ and Facebook. So I ran SpyBot then turned the computer off for a bit (!!) and caught up on a few episodes of Merlin. It's still fun, if remarkably stupid. Apparently everyone in the middle ages is deaf, considering how often they have secret conversations loudly near other people. But Santiago Cabrera from Heroes turned up as Lancelot, with a decent English accent, and still looking damn hot. And I've decided I'm allowed to think Arthur is a little bit sexy too, since the actor is 24. Morgana, too. Heh. Too many pretty people on telly these days - Dead Set is a nice change.

And then I turned the computer back on and the internet had fixed itself. Huzzah!

In random sex toy news, I am way too amused by the ohmibod series: sex toys you plug in to your music player and which vibrate in time and intensity along with the music. Hee. My inner gadget geek is lusting after the shinies, which I have to admit is appropriate.

I've been listening to the Grease 2 soundtrack, among other musical scores. I do adore Let's Do It For Our Country. "Give something to America you never gave before..."



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Oct. 28th, 2008 10:55 am (UTC)
The Big Brother house featured in the show is a new purpose built set in a ex-Military site in Virginia Water, Surrey. This site has also housed other productions including Holby Blue, Primeval, Echo Beach, and some well known films. The real UK Big Brother house is in Elstree Studios, Borehamwood. Filming for the series took place over Summer 2008. Pippa's eviction is filmed outside the real Big Brother house.
Oct. 30th, 2008 06:12 pm (UTC)
Coo. They've purposely built it really well then :D
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