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  • I went to see Carousel in Edinburgh yesterday. I didn't know it at all - well, the famous songs that everyone knows ("You'll Never Walk Alone") but none of the story. Sadly, it never quite got any better than "quite good, I suppose", and spent most of the time at "distinctly average". I can't really specify anything wrong with the production, so I suspect I might just not like the show - it made my inner feminist come out, for a start, and we all know that she's very, very inner. Also, note to show writers: don't put a 20-minute ballet sequence two-and-a-quarter hours into a three-hour show, when your audience's arses are already aching. (Ahh, alliteration.)

  • My inner feminist had clearly gone back to sleep by the time we got on the train full of football supporters, as my immediate reaction to their hideously sexist song ("She's got legs like a spider, I'd love tae f***ing ride 'er") was admiration for the rhyme, and ponderings about whether legs like a spider were really that attractive. Oh dear. Somebody else did inform them it was sexist, and at least was roundly ignored rather than set upon... I was with my parents, and was therefore busy pretending I couldn't hear the swearing.

  • I'm currently reading Spook Country by William Gibson, which seems good so far, and The Folklore Of Discworld, which is fabulous. I also picked up The Affinity Bridge by George Mann, the first in a new Victorian steampunk mystery series, which a) is steampunk and b) has a very snazzy cover - it's nicely gilded, which you can't see in the Amazon pic. Reviews suggest good ideas badly written, but I like steampunk enough that that might not bother me.

  • Man, I'd forgotten how amazing Tab Mix Plus is. They've just updated it for FF3, finally, and suddenly I can navigate my tabs intuitively again. Ctrl-tab works like alt-tab rather than sequentially (which is useless when you have as many tabs as me) and when you shut a tab, it takes you to the last one you were viewing rather than, again, the previous one sequentially. Plus it shows you which tabs you haven't looked at yet, and there's a progress bar on the tab when it's loading, and... *loves*

  • rhodri has a photo meme based on the financial crisis and, specifically, the photos we keep seeing on the front of newspapers with stock dealers clutching phones and looking terrified. It is teh funny.

  • copperbadge has the story of how their account was hacked and all their entries deleted - remember to back up your LJ, people!

  • And copperwise has a great essay about the non-existence of Joe Sixpack.

  • Finally, I just received an email from my ISP which started as follows: "Have you seen our latest campaign in and around London, if not where have you been!" Aaaargh. Where to start? With the run-on sentence, the lack of commas, the lack of question marks, or the sheer ridiculousness of the (presumed) question in the first place? Clearly the answer is "Not in London, you capital-centric twats. Which, as you have my address, YOU SHOULD KNOW." Much as I love my ISP, FAIL.


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