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I ATEN'T DEAD. Again. Sorry.

I'm a bit ambivalent about this whole financial crisis gubbins. (I'm also very aware that I don't really understand it.) There's a little part of me with a "Down With Capitalism" placard who's jumping about in glee, but obviously, millions of people are going to suffer and jobs will be lost - have been lost already. The photos of the Lehman's workers with their boxes were sad, even though I don't have a lot of respect for the job they do. My brother works in Canary Wharf, though not in any of the companies immediately affected, and I got a text from him today saying everyone's pretty scared. So overall, boo.

Just finished reading Flat Earth News by Nick Davies, about the state of the press and journalism today. It's focused on Britain (he's a British journalist) but references and is relevant to a lot of the Western world and bits of the rest. He finds that it's (usually) not so much owners and political groups putting pressure on the media to write what they want, but a variety of different problems - including a vast decrease in the amount of fact-checking and independent investigation done - feeding into a cycle that means the media in this country is probably the most unreliable it's ever been. Depressing, but a fascinating read if you're interested in the media, or if you ever read any newspaper.

Every time I decide I need to save money, I remember 19 things I need to buy (space heater for the bathroom! I'm sure I read something about immensely energy-efficient heaters recently), and then new Doctor Who books come out and I have to buy them, and I go to buy shampoo and come out with half of Superdrug - all things I needed! On special offer, so I bought bulk... It's a problem.

I haven't listened to the Torchwood audio yet, and I haven't entirely caught up with the latest controversy about the unofficial spin-off book - I will be back soon with an opinion.

FOUR DAYS TILL NEW HEROES. It better be good. And Merlin, starting on BBC1 on Saturday, looks promising - and not just because it has Anthony Head playing King Uther.


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