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(re: icon) No, but it's clearly happened.

I am a complete twat. Going to miss Richard Holloway tonight because while I remembered that I was going to Edinburgh, I completely forgot that it was Sunday, and therefore the tube is shut after six, and there are significantly fewer Glasgow-Edinburgh trains, too. Obviously I discovered this by heading casually down to the tube station at just before half six, aiming for the 6.45 train to Edinburgh. When neither of your trains exist, you're probably screwed. (I know all about Sunday trains, I just, er, thought today was Friday. Or possibly Saturday. The perils of being on leave...)

ANYWAY. So instead, I will do that interests meme again. andrewducker asked about the following:

both captain jacks
Harkness and Sparrow. I went to put Captain Jack into my interests in 2005 or so, and realised that wasn't specific enough, because we'd just acquired two fantastic Captain Jacks in fiction. I could put them in separately, or just put them in together, and think nice thoughts about them together. Mmm. (If Stargate had started earlier, when Colonel Jack O'Neill was still a Captain, it could well have been "all three captain jacks".)

living in the future
This actually ties in to an post andrewducker made a while ago about when you realised you were living in sci-fi land, though I think I had this in my interests before that. My favourite T-shirt is my "Where is my jetpack" one, and I love reading old books and magazines and watching old TV to see what they thought life would be like in the year 2000. And yeah, we don't have jetpacks, but we've got so much they never thought of. When I find out things like you can set your TIVO to record stuff from your phone, through the internet - how amazing is that?! Totally living in the future.

ex libris
Ooh. This could be one of two things, and I can't remember what I was thinking of when I put it in. Ex Libris is a collection of essays by Anne Fadiman about words, and books, and growing up in a bookish family, and I love it. Ex Libris is also what tends to be put on book plates - "from the library of", and then your name underneath it - and I keep meaning to get book plates or, more likely, an old stamping thing that lets you put your mark on the title page of your books.

duct tape
Surely I don't need to explain this ;-> It's like the Force, of course - it's got a light side and a dark side, and it holds the universe together. If you've ever done theatre teching or gig teching, or some sorts of computer techery, you'll know that you can do nothing without duct tape. When I moved house, I used so much that the guy in the local shop started asking me who I had tied up in my wardrobe...

theory of religion
I'm really interested in religion, but in an abstract sort of way - why religions come into being, and how they come into being and how they evolve, and why the human race seems so drawn to/ susceptible to religions. I'm fascinated by the fact that even within mainstream religions, the specifics of what each person believes tend to be very different, and don't fully correspond to either their holy book's words or their religious leader's instructions. Plus the very concept of blind faith, regardless of available evidence, is so foreign to me that I can't resist poking at it to see what it's made of. So, "theory of religion", because if you just put "religion", people would expect you to actually be religious!

So there you go. You can pick five of my interests and I'll explain them, or ask me to pick five of yours for you to explain, or both.


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Aug. 10th, 2008 08:37 pm (UTC)
ex libris is also a fab book-related game. :-)
Aug. 11th, 2008 07:44 am (UTC)
LJ really needs to allow more than 150 interests. We need at least 200.

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