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Edit: I can haz subject nao?

Back from The London. Huge apologies to all the people I said I'd meet and never got in contact with - it all got a bit busy. And the internet access in the hotel was stupidly expensive enough for even me not to use it. (6.50 an hour!!) And the friend I was staying with at the weekend still doesn't have the internet. (Which freaks me out more than it should, really.)

I went to see Under The Blue Sky, a revival of the David Elridge play starring Catherine Tate, Francesca Annis and Chris O'Dowd, among others. The dialogue wasn't great, but everything else was, pretty much.

I got Kelley Armstrong's new book, she's started ANOTHER series. Well, sort of, it's set in the same universe as her first one, and I suspect some characters will cross over, but this one's more teenage fiction. In as much as the protagonists are teenagers and the print is slightly bigger, I suppose, I never know what the criteria for "teenage fiction" are... And I read Quirkology, the Curious Science of Everyday Lives, which I recommend highly - scientific experiments carried out on all manner of weird and seemingly trivial things. There's a whole website, which I intend to investigate thoroughly. For now, take your right forefinger and draw a Q on your forehead. Then go here to find out why.

From miss_s_b, Charlie Brooker writes about science. Hurray. From andrewducker, this very short text-based adventure game is made of win. And from me (via the Guardian), the Large Hadron Rap, by actual CERN scientists.


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