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Paperbacks 30p, hardbacks 50p...

How much do I want this pendant?

I'm down at my parents' because it's Father's Day (yesterday) and my dad's birthday (today). He tends to get either two cards and one present, or two presents and one card from me, I'm not very organised. Although still more organised than my brother.

I always feel more productive down here, though. Shopping, too, hurray. Went out with Mum to find her earrings to wear to a couple of weddings that are coming up - there are far, far more earring-selling shops in this small town than I would have imagined. We were in at least ten. I got a nice beaded bangle/watch, though, and nearly got a bizarre bendy silver necklace , which I might have to go back for. Probably won't go back for the interesting ankh necklace at £67.50.

As we were wandering past the side entrance to the library I joked about whether it had a book sale on...and it did! Hurray! But we had NO TIME to go in then due to the urgent earring (and steak pie) shopping, so after dinner I went down with Dad, who's responsible for my book obsession anyway. He got 6 books for £2.20 and I got 8 books for £3, including a first edition paperback of The Eyre Affair and a first edition hardback of Lost In A Good Book, which I thought I might as well buy for a grand total of 80p and see if I could sell. Otherwise, a journalistic book about Scotland, a study of Tolkien's writing, a Chabon novel, another novel set in a university English department, a 70s hardback of Kafka's The Trial, and a compilation of satirical verse. Not a bad haul, even if I do have to take them back to Glasgow on the train tomorrow.

And we watched March of the Penguins. Eeee, little fluffy...dead frozen penguin chicks. Aww. Beautiful film, though.


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