Notes from extinction (pickwick) wrote,
Notes from extinction


1. Can somebody explain why Britain and Ireland like pirates more than Europe do? I can't believe Latvia didn't win. Guh. with a hii hii ho and a hii hii hey... The Russian song was dull, I think. According to my score sheet, the song was crap but they performed it well, and their dance routine and outfit were slightly above average... The voting in Eurovision is CLEARLY INFLUENCED not only by the whole who-your-neighbours-are thing, but also by where you come in the running order, ie how drunk people are when they're watching you.

2. SingStar FTW. I can't sing, but SingStar is hilarious. And I made people download the Pipette's Pull Shapes so I could sing it. Hurray. Also Losing My Religion is not as hard to sing as I thought.

3. Taxis are more expensive than they used to be. Erk.

4. Is vodka and Irn Bru an acceptable drink? I have no idea. But it's perfectly drinkable. *falls over*
Tags: music
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