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Myth Inc You Already

2008 seems to have been a bad year for celebrity deaths so far. (Or a good year for DEATH, maybe.) Robert Asprin has died at 61. RIP. It's a while since I read any of his books - maybe I'll try and pick up the whole Myth collection, I've only got two or three of them. I read most of them from the local library as a teenager. laerad and I were talking about Asprin yesterday, actually - or about Aahz/ Dawn from Buffy fanfic, to be precise. Which I have NOT read, thank you. And I seem to recall trying to explain to someone recently that cows moo, dogs bark, and baby dragons gleep.

I am reading things about feminism. Reading and digesting, at the moment, which seems to be the accepted thing to do. (There's a certain amount of "Read, digest and agree, otherwise you read it wrong!", but I suppose that's true of most things.) This post from libellum, and its comments, via theyorkshergob, is very interesting. It's about sexism as an accumulation of little things, and about how to talk to people about it without spending all your time as an Angry Feminist. There's an interesting comment buried in the second page somewhere about reframing the debate in terms of "experts and non-experts" rather than "men and women", which helped me understand the reasons for what I'd always seen as feminists saying "You're not qualified to comment or argue, because you're male, so just shut up and listen."

Oddly, I had just been thinking about the existence of the patriarchy and how it's hard for those inside to see it, and come up with a "Matrix" metaphor, when I read this blog post using the same idea. It's about sexism being objective and measurable rather than subjective, and it's looked at in an academic way. I'm not sure what I think about it yet - I agree with a lot of what she says, but her conclusions seem to be a sort of Catch 22: if you can see the patriarchy, it's because it exists. If you can't see the patriarchy, it's because it exists and it's working so well on you. Look harder. It reminds me of a lot of religious arguments about the existence of God(s). It does say "look at the data and you'll see it's true," but so do theologians. I guess I'll look at the data...

Tomorrow holds Eurovision (Go Latvia!), and Guitar Hero III and SingStar on the PS3. Apparently you can download Lordi for SingStar. Hee. And I forgot to print out score cards at work, damn it - I'll have to reinstall my printer tomorrow, haven't done it yet.


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May. 25th, 2008 02:15 pm (UTC)
I have no idea, but yeah, it seems likely. I think that's why they make me want to run away with my fingers in my ears...
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