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Random outbreak of sentimentality

I found out today that someone I vaguely knew on a messageboard - and had vaguely known for years - had died unexpectedly at the age of 50. Which was sad.

Then I got into an argument with some idiot who thought that because we'd never met the guy and didn't know his real name, we didn't have the right to be sad, or to mourn. The thing is, he really didn't seem to understand that it's possible to care about someone you hadn't met in the flesh, or even someone you hadn't interacted that much with, but who was always around, part of the background texture of your life. He thinks that you can't connect emotionally in any way with just someone's words, and seems to find it weird that you'd even think of people online as real people, or think of them at all when you're offline.

Screw him. He's wrong. But he's inspired me to let you guys know that I think about all of you, and care about all of you, even if we don't interact that much. Hell, even if I read you but you don't read me. If I see a depressed or out of character post, or you disappear unexpectedly, I'll notice and I'll care, even if I never say anything. (I should comment more, I just never know what to say when things are bad.) And when things are going well for you, it makes me happy too.

Er, yeah. Sorry about that. Normal service will be resumed shortly.

..Now, in fact. Anyone who's read posts about Steven Moffat's takeover of the top Who job should read loveandgarbage's PSA on the subject and subsequently accept my profound apologies.



May. 22nd, 2008 06:59 am (UTC)
For me the last year has been a period of separation from those I love the most, what with flood, pestilence, the demise of CCDE and my own afflictions, Lj has been my major means of emotional contact with the world at large. I suppose there is a difference between those I have met and those who are "Virtual Friends" but it is not very great, we share things in common not least the slings and arrows, knowing that you are not alone is often half way to enduring the unendurable, and sharing in a small way the joys of my on-line friends brings light into my life and I hope I make some input into theirs. I know that when I am feeling down I write silly poems or make facetious comments on Lj and the thought that they may make someone laugh makes me feel better, the reader may have never met me but what has that to do with anything? It is a distraction. Those who know me well understand what I am doing, those who don't, take them at face value, does it matter either way? Your argument was pointless because "the idiot" is lacking the ability to empathize with others, it is his loss because he will be unable to feel the empathy of others when he needs it most.
May. 24th, 2008 01:33 am (UTC)
Re: Sympatico
Yes, you're absolutely right about virtual friends, and I suspect you're right about the idiot as well.

Your posts do often make me laugh :)


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