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Doctor Who 4.03

I'll add more to this later, probably.

I'm not really sure about this one. I'll have to watch it again. A lot of it was dumb, although bits at the end might have explained some of it. The hair-loss bad guy was an idiotic over-the-top bad guy in the "fine" "tradition" of Roger Lloyd Pack as the uber-Cyberman, but I suppose some of that might be explained by his slow transformation into Oodness...? Maybe? The actress who played the PR girl was great - while she could just have been another Evil Company Minion, I got a real sense of how she did agree with the Doctor and Donna, but knew that if she helped them her whole life as it was would be over, and she was just too scared. The Traitorous Scientist Minion, sadly, was completely pointless. Much better to have had the Ood brain evolving the ability to overcome the anti-telepathic force circle.

I think watching the old Whos has given me a bit more training in ignoring the fluff and looking for the themes, and I liked the themes here. I was continually relieved at how the Ood brain system was slowly explained, because my first thought at the brains-in-hands reveal was how stupid an idea that was, and how it would never have evolved. The idea of the song of the Ood was lovely, and I now find I can appreciate that and ignore the actual song, which was very LOTR-lite.

Donna's really growing on me. Hurray, I think. "Oh, the Doctor's off on one of his speeches, I'll just pop back and get my big fluffy coat. Cos it's freezing." I'm very much behind the idea of appropriate clothing, and suddenly I find myself supporting the amount of luggage she had. (Though I'm sure the Tardis wardrobe has coats.)

I usually turn off before the trailer for next week, but I didn't quite manage it and saw the first few shots - ZOMG! EEEE! etc.



Apr. 21st, 2008 02:00 am (UTC)
Or something bad is going to happen to the Doctor this season. Worse than being turned into Dobby bad.
Apr. 21st, 2008 11:13 pm (UTC)
If it's something that will stick, then I'm all for it. It bothers me that RTD is too fond of handwavy magic resolutions. Makes all the effort Who fans put into speculation pointless. :P


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