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I can has culture nao?

I was unpacking another box (the second last one!) today and it included the shoebox with all my tickets and programmes in it, so I thought I'd make a list of all the gigs and shows I've been to, that I have either a ticket or a programme for. It's by no means complete - I know there are a few more tickets lying around my room, like Rent and Camera Obscura and probably Rilo Kiley, and there are other shows I know I went to but don't seem to have a ticket for. (I know some of them from particularly enthusiastic gigs were destroyed by being in my back pocket, which got a bit sweaty. Urgh.)

Ed Byrne, Pavilion, 23/3/03
Jeremy Hardy, Cottier, 23/4/03
The Original Stand-up Show, Ramshorn, 26/3/04 (?)
Des Clarke, Pod Deco, 07/08/04

[Also loads of little comedy gigs, plus Mark Thomas in London...probably others, too. Ooh, a fabulous Reverend Obadiah Steppenwolf III gig in Edinburgh.]

Wet Wet Wet, Alton Towers, 2/7/94
Bon Jovi, Ibrox, 11/7/96
T in the Park, Strathclyde Country Park, 13 & 14/07/96
Lightning Seeds, Barrowlands, 15/11/96
Def Leppard, SECC, 24/11/96 (Terrorvision supporting)
Terrorvision, Garage, 19/12/96
NME Tour, Garage, 12/1/97
Supernaturals, Garage, 5/2/97
Placebo, Arches, 10/2/97
T in the Park, Balado, 12 & 13/7/97
Divine Comedy & Michael Nyman, Jaffa Cake, 12/8/97
Intercity Crawl, various, 19/9/97
Super Furry Animals, Garage, 5/10/97
Slightly Under, The Vale, 17/10/97 (flatmate's band)
Slightly Under, Strawberry Fields, 13/11/97
Lightning Seeds, Barrowlands, 25/11/97
My Life Story, Cathouse, 1/12/97
Jerusalem Rose, Arena, 28/12/97
Slightly Under, King Tut's, 29/1/98 (flatmate's band)
Super Furry Animals, Barrowlands, 14/5/98
Slightly Under, King Tut's, 19/5/98 (flatmate's band)
Supernaturals, Liquid Rooms, 23/8/98
Garbage, Barrowlands, 27/8/98
Supernaturals, Garage, 12/10/98
Terrorvision, QMU, 16/10/98
She's A Rocket, Bourbon St, 30/11/98
Kato, Sleazy's, 21/1/99 (flatmate's band)
Rachel Stamp, Cathouse, 28/3/99
T in the Park, Balado, 10 & 11/7/99
Rachel Stamp, Cathouse, 19/9/99
Mogwai, Barrowlands, 23/10/99
Fun Lovin' Criminals, Barrowlands, 2/12/99
Supernaturals, King Tut's, 28/12/99
Bloodhound Gang, Barrowlands, 25/6/00
Fun Lovin' Criminals, Barrowlands, 6/3/01
Divine Comedy, QMU, 18/03/01
Barenaked Ladies, Barrowlands, 7/4/01
Heavy Metal Kids, Cathouse, 3/6/03
Rachel Stamp, Barfly, 8/6/03
Butterfly Effect, Barfly, 26/10/04 (I think The Faint were supporting)
Tenacious D, SECC, 11/12/06

[Loads missing from this. I've seen the Divine Comedy at least half a dozen times, for a start, and the Supernaturals and Super Furries more than it says there. Plus the Wannadies, headlining at least once, and Garbage at least twice... T in the Park in 2005 and 2007, too. Placebo more than once, I'm sure. Belle and Sebastian at least twice, if not three times. A bunch at King Tut's - Symposium, I seem to recall, and...was there a band called A? On the other hand, I have no memory at all of the Bloodhound Gang gig.]

Oklahoma, Gaiety, 94
Cats, King's, 94
Me And My Girl, King's, 12/10/94
Joseph, Playhouse, 22/12/94
Five Guys Named Moe, King's, 17/3/95
Anything Goes, Palace, 27/4/95
Five Guys Named Moe, King's, 2/4/96
Aladdin, King's, Dec 97
Robin Hood, Pavilion, Dec 97
Grease, Playhouse, 24/12/97
West Side Story, King's, 13/6/98
Rupert Street Lonely Hearts Club, Bedlam, 22/8/98
The Boyfriend, Mitchell, May 99
Circus of Horrors, Pavilion, 99
Robbie Williams, SECC, 99
New Rocky Horror Show, King's, 16/10/99
Scrooge The Musical, Pavilion, 4/11/99
Cabaret, King's, 20/5/00
Mort, Ramshorn, 02
Scrooge, Citz, Dec 02
Oliver, King's, 17/06/02
Mort, C, 13/08/02
Oleanna, Assembly Rooms, 13/08/02
The Girl On The Sofa, Royal Lyceum, 13/08/02
Jack & The Beanstock, Tron, 16/10/02
Rocky Horror Show, Kings, 18/10/02
The Caretaker, Motherwell College, 11/12/02
God and Death, Ramshorn, 26/3/03
Lysistrata, Ramshorn, 5/6/03
Kiss Me Kate, Kings, April 04
Return To The Forbidden Planet, Gilmorehill, 24/01/04
Peter Pan, Savoy (London), 31/1/04
Animal Farm, Bongo Club, 17/08/04
Greg Dyke, Theatre Royal, 24/10/04
Festen, Lyric (London), 19/03/05
Lucas Back In Anger, SECC, 5/8/05
Close Encounters, Riddle's Court, 18/8/05
Guys and Dolls, King's, Sept 06
Wolves in the Walls, Tramway, 25/3/06
Lord of the Rings, Theatre Royal (London), July 07

[Should be more here, too - I saw Me And My Girl more than once, for a start, and Guys and Dolls, and Cabaret. And I've seen The Birdcage. Rent and The Producers from the last 6 months or so. Circus of Horrors at least three times. Other things from the Edinburgh Festival, which probably didn't even HAVE tickets, notably Walkabout Macbeth, and a bizarre alien-cats-on-skateboards thing underground. A few more things at the Citz, now that I think about it - Blasted by Sarah Kane, and Chekov's Uncle Vanya, I think. (It was very dull.) Plus a few things I came to with the school, like Death of a Salesman, and possibly Arms and the Man, although possibly not. No, I tell a lie, it was An Inspector Calls, and I've seen that twice - once professional and once amateur.]

Hmm. That's not bad, actually.


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Mar. 9th, 2008 09:39 pm (UTC)
No Billy Connolly? :O
Mar. 9th, 2008 09:42 pm (UTC)
..I *still* don't have a Billy Connolly icon! Argh! I'm sure I was halfway through making one at one point.

No, he's only done a few gigs in Glasgow in the past 10 years or so, and they've all been about £30 and sold out immensely quickly. I really want to go back to the '70s and see him then :(

Edit: Now I have Billy Connolly icon. W00t.

Edited at 2008-03-09 10:10 pm (UTC)
Mar. 9th, 2008 10:43 pm (UTC)
What was the Lord of the Rings like? My girlfriend and I are going to see it soon...
Mar. 9th, 2008 10:50 pm (UTC)
If you're fans of the books, it's hysterically funny...in mostly Bad Wrong ways, mind you. It's not a great musical, but we had a lot of fun watching it, and it looks damn good.
Mar. 10th, 2008 12:39 am (UTC)
Hhmm, without going to check tix, I can say Iron Maiden about 5 times (once backstage), Gary Moore about 5 times, Fastway, Samson, Marillion x2, 10cc, Slade, Gary Glitterx2, the Boomtown Rats, Magnum, Jethro Tull, Sensational Alex Harvey Band (with Max singing and Joe Elliot as guest for 1 number), the Manfredsx3, plus guests Long John Baldrie, Colin Blunstone, Chris Farlowe, PP Arnold and Maggie Bell, Paul McCartney and the Who.

Loads of plays and stageshows, the last being Spamalot, in New York.
May. 27th, 2008 11:11 am (UTC)
Lightning Seeds, Barrowlands, 15/11/96
The Lightning Seeds gig on that date was the first gig I ever went to... Ed Ball and the Wannadies were support.

Christ, I was 14! The album being toured at the time, Dizzy Heights, is still a particular favourite of mine. Hope Ian Broudie revives them again sometime soon.

I was at a few of your other gigs too... och the memories!

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