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Reading list

OK, so once again, for about the fourth year in a row, I'm going to try to keep track of what I read. So far this year:

1. Saving the World: A Guide To Heroes by Lynnette Porter, David Lavery, Hillary Robson

2. Neptune Noir: Unauthorized Investigations into Veronica Mars edited by Rob Thomas.

This one posed an interesting question - how can it be "unauthorized" if it's edited and introduced by the series creator? Presumably the network didn't approve it.

3. Serenity Found: More Unauthorized Essays on Joss Whedon's Firefly Universe edited by Jane Espenson

Yep, there's a theme here! I love reading the equivalent of literary criticism (media criticism?) about my TV shows. Fairly often I disagree vehemently, but that's part of the fun. Serenity Found had great articles from TWOP's Jacob, too, and Neptune Noir from TWOP's Couch Baron. Hurray.

Neptune Noir and Serenity Found are both from SmartPop books, who do a lot of these books on TV - I already have their Buffy and Angel ones. But it turns out they also publish books on books, and books on film. I think I need the Stephanie Plum one, and possibly the Golden Compass trilogy one.

4. The Language Report: English on the Move, 2000-2007 by Susie Dent

I've been reading these every year, they're a nice snapshot of the language. One interesting thing she pointed out this year was that in 2002, "internet language" was huge, and we thought it would have a huge impact. But because everyone's online now, mostly we just use normal English. And net English spills over into real life with glee. (I just noticed somebody on my flist using "shipping" to apply to friends in real life, meaning wanting them to get together.)

5. Wishing Well by Trevor Baxendale

This is one of the Tenth Doctor books, I've got two more to read. They're fast reads, and aimed at teenagers, but quite fun.

I'm also in the middle of Charlie Brooker's latest collection of articles, and Everything Bad Is Good For You.


Jan. 11th, 2008 05:58 pm (UTC)
I'm really not sure. Probably just means it's not an official tie-in, unlike the Heroes novel linked to above, and things like that.


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