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spEak You're bRane

Huh. The pub on the corner appears to be depressed because of the Rangers result today - instead of the usual Mika I've had Dignity by Deacon Blue and now The Living Years by, I believe, Mike and the Mechanics. This could get old. I will drown it out with Scissor Sisters Doctor Who fanvids.

Uh. Apparently the problem with that is that I stop typing to wave my hands about. Also, whatever I was here to write about has completely gone.

Happy belated 30th to dave_t_lurker! I'm turning 30 in January, but that's fine, because my only target was to buy a flat, and I've done that. There's something to be said for small, easily achieved ambitions, I feel. None of this "I will climb Kilimanjaro, sit on the Pyramids at dusk and be promoted three times at work" crap - it'll only make you feel bad when you don't do it.

burkesworks linked to SpEak You're bRanes the other day, which collects all the most idiotic responses from the BBC's Have Your Say. It's fabulous.

Current events: I have no particular opinion on when the election should be, except that we should probably fix it to certain dates in the future, like America does. I support the postal workers' right to strike, even if I am waiting on an Amazon parcel. I think the BBC (and everyone else) is over-reacting horribly about the queen thing and the "poll fixing", and that they'll probably have to sack everyone except Mark Thompson if they're going to be consistent, because a lot of the things they're complaining about are just part and parcel of making TV.

Heroes continues to rock like a, er, rocky thing. Hurray! I had a text conversation with mind_expander last night where we basically repeated the plot at each other for a while, going "Oh, and the bit with X! That was awesome!"

The pub is playing Two Little Boys. It may drive me to suicide by the end of the night.



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