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Tied to the 90s

Via bopeepsheep, the best Harry Potter spoiler icons yet. Hee.

I'm down at my parents' place tidying out cupboards, because there seems to have been a slight "You have your own flat now - get all your crap out of our house" thing, though phrased more tactfully. You know you have too much stuff when you discover two full boxes of CDs that you didn't miss at all in the last four or five years. And a box of videos. So I'm currently uploading CDs to this computer.

I also had a big bag full of badges. I have been very ruthless, and now I have a slightly smaller bag full of badges. I took photos of lots of them, which I may subject you to tomorrow. My favourite is one that says in large, cheery writing, "I've been to Sellafield".

And I found my notes from my very first lectures at uni. They're very...neat.

I know I said roughly the same thing yesterday about Gordon Ramsay, but I don't much care that occasionally if there's a screw-up TV programmes will invent the name of a competition winner, either. I definitely don't think it's necessary for the BBC to suspend all phone-in competitions to investigate it. But I did watch Reporting Scotland just to see Jackie Bird reporting on having read out an imaginary compeitition winner herself on Children in Need.


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Jul. 23rd, 2007 09:07 am (UTC)
Have they made you take all the books out of that cupboard?? I hope they gave you a lift home :D

How is life in the new flat?? Seen any more of the cute neighbour guy?? Has the Beeb moved south of the river yet?? How are things in general??

Sorry, I'm spending too much time on a ward watching a (very cute) sleeping baby. So much time to think creates lots of questions :)
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