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I have bought a bed. Yay. Also a discounted mattress (which I tried out first) and free duvet and bedlinen. Which I didn't actually need, and don't like particularly, but still: Free! And being delivered a week on Thursday. I don't understand how people manage to actually move house in one day - it seems likely to take me about a month.

I have established who provides the electricity, and that they know Bloke has moved out, and that the phone has also been cut off, so I will phone all those people tomorrow. Also the broadband people. And I have Bloke's telephone number in case of any more crises.

I have bought a box file to put all my house-related bits of paper in, and, er, the three new Doctor Who books. And food.

Tonight I will order a washer-dryer, and make notes of all the stuff I want from the Ikea website. Tomorrow I will continue cleaning and sandpapering and measuring at New Flat.

I feel less like I suck, now. Hurrah.

Also, apparently I haven't been paying attention to what's happening in town again - the Argyle Market has disappeared completely! Luckily by the time I discovered that, I had also come across Static in its new home down near A1 and the Dragon and George, so wasn't as panicked as I might have been at the possible loss of the main dice and RPG shop. Now we just need Forbidden Planet to move down to Parnie Street, and it'll be Geek Quarter.



May. 1st, 2007 12:47 pm (UTC)
Oh, do you know about Red Hot Comics? It's basically a warehouse in Castlemilk, but it's open to the public (sometimes!) and they'll take all your orders from Previews, and send you them as soon as they come through. That's where I got my comics when I was actually reading a few regularly...


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