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Went to look at the nominees for the Webbies.

The Guardian is doing pretty well, with three nominations - newspaper, political blog, and podcast. We Feel Fine also got three nominations, so I went to see what it was, and got distracted for an excessively long time. It...sort of collects emotions. It trawls blogs looking for sentences starting "I feel" or "I am feeling", and collates them. But it has a beautiful interface, with colour-coded swirling dots that you have to click on in the main bit, and loads of other options giving you emotion breakdowns by gender, location, age, etc. Gah, I'm not explaining it in a way that sounds remotely interesting. But it is. Go see. (If you read the Mission and Movements and so on they're a bit pretentiously arty, so do be warned.) The third site I noticed with three nominations was Truthdig, which is an American site "digging for the truth behind the headlines", and looks like it might be interesting.

Otherwise, Cute Overload is nominated in the Weird category, which is...weird. But I suppose I don't know where else it would go. It's up against Rather Good, which used to be funny, though I haven't been by in a while.

flickr is nominated for Best Practices and Community, but also for Best Visual Design - Function, which amused me because the one thing I hate about flickr is that I can never bloody find anything. Can I have an "upload" button as soon as I log in? Please?

A site called My Moleskine is up for Best Personal/Cultural Blog. Moleskines are the best notebooks ever, if there's anyone I haven't evangelised at yet. The blog is generally OK - pictures of sketches and so on in the Moleskine, among other things - but ends up genius because it's originally in Italian, but has an English version that's made by bunging the Italian into an online translation engine. And it's great.

"To who don't know the Moleskine, I dedicate a short introduction. Thoughts to the simplest and multipurpose of the booklets: ivory pages of good paper, a bookmark and an elastic that close all between two rigid covers of black simil-skin. This is the historical Moleskine."

There's a site about shadow puppets that looks like it could be fab, but it's all flash and takes ages to load on this computer. I may investigate further at work. Miniclip's up for Best Games Site, which has almost enticed me to start playing Fowl Words again, except that I know I'll be there for hours and I wanted to finish this first. And Nerve is up for Best Magazine, which is interesting because it's pretty much porn. Er, I mean, "erotica". Photos and pictures and articles, for those who like their sex-related stuff with an IQ above 75. It must have been around for ages, because I'm sure my first proper boyfriend introduced me to it about...nine years ago. Eek. *is old*.

The latest Dork Tower strip from John Kovalic, in conjunction with the blog entry, is heart-breaking and inspiring in equal measure. And, again, makes me wish I'd read more Vonnegut.

I was tempted by the dark side - a drabble challenge - and wrote a sort-of Petrellicest drabble. Eek. It's probably a good thing that I don't have the motivation to write long fics. Also, hilarious Care Bear/ Heroes icons, as seen above. I see some more of you lot have started watching Heroes. The rest of you should too. Really.



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Apr. 13th, 2007 09:48 pm (UTC)
I like my little moleskine, but they're just so damned expensive...

I prefer www.moleskinerie.com
Apr. 14th, 2007 04:36 pm (UTC)
I missed Heroes this week.
It still feels rather slow. We're about 8 episodes in (at least) and most of the characters still haven't met each other!
Apr. 14th, 2007 05:05 pm (UTC)
Heh, yeah. I didn't really get that because I downloaded them all, so I never had to wait a whole week in between them.

I think it'll be a great show to watch on DVD in a weekend, though. Can't wait.
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