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Embossiment of boredom

First of all, happy 18th to sovietkiki! I send cake. And pretty boys.

Bored. Had a boring day. Which is entirely my own fault. I didn't arrange to do anything because I was convinced I was going to be called into work, and by the time I was sure I wasn't, it was too late and I was sitting being bored on the computer... I have read lots of old Buffy recaps from TWoP, and tonight I've been reduced to reading Harry Potter/ Snape fanfic. Sigh. Although at least it gives me an excuse to use my Alan Rickman icon.

I've left XFM Scotland on, but because it's Friday night it's been playing electronic dance "music" for the last two hours. I never understand why radio stations do this. Presumably people who enjoy listening to dancey pish are all out clubbing, so what's the point? Give me back my jangly indie, dammit! With TUNES! And now I sound about 50. I suppose the "harry potter fanfic" bit made me sound about 14, so it evens out.

I'm working till 8 tomorrow, too, and therefore won't see Who live. Boo. Unless I watch it at work, which I could...it depends. It looks good, though I don't know who wrote it.

Oh! dakegra, who Knows Stuff, mentioned that the hole punch thing I was talking about yesterday was probably a company seal embosser. And it was. Like this. They're so shiny! And you can use them to emboss your name etc into your books. I really, really want one now. I'd always been vaguely tempted by book plates, or whatever they're called, the stickers that say "Ex Libris Pickwick" or whatever. I thought they looked a bit cheesy, though, so I never got any. But embossing, with a fancy old-fashioned gadget? That I would do.


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Apr. 6th, 2007 10:08 pm (UTC)
a company seal embosser

Ooo, I have a handheld embosser (somewhere...). If I remember correctly, the text is, going round the perimeter, "From the library of..." and my initials and surname, all going round a big musical note in the center. I'll have to find where I've put it...
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