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Even TV is political

Apparently Top Gear are going to show the train safety/ level crossing faked accident tonight that they didn't show a couple of weeks ago because of the teenagers who died at a level crossing. And people are still complaining that it's an inappropriate time, or whatever. Honestly, if people are still dying, I can't think of a more appropriate time to show a safety video. It's not as if it's one of Top Gear's usual just-for-the-laugh stunts - it was organised by Network Rail as part of their huge rail safety campaign.

Weirdest of all, after all the coverage of two dying at the Invergordon level crossing, there has been practically no coverage at all of another guy dying at a level crossing on Thursday night. Because he wasn't a teenager, maybe, or because the Cumbria crash happened so soon afterwards and we can only have one train-related story at a time? I only know about this because it's just up the road and it affected my train up to Glasgow on Friday.

Also planning to watch the Conspiracy Files tonight, about whether David Kelly killed himself in 2003 after being outed as a BBC source for claims the Iraq dossier was sexed up, or whether he was assasinated. I'm intrigued by the page I've linked to there, because I'd assumed we were suggesting the Brits or Americans had offed him, but the only person to give a theory there is another former UN weapons inspector, who thinks it was the Iraqis.

Coming up next: random ranting about Scottish independence.


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