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Torchwood - slightly lengthier wittering

But still in bullet point form, because I can't do sentences yet.

- Jack/ Ianto yay!
- Tardis yay! & that it was just the noise yay! Though I wonder what non-Who fans thought of the - ending. If there are any watching TW.
- Hand yay! It flashed and sparkled!
- Bad Wolf was on the noticeboard (or the wall, possibly) on the stairs up to the ballroom.
- The real Captain Jack was good. I'm quite disappointed they didn't take the opportunity for a threesome though - Jack, Jack and his bird, whatever she was called. Though she was annoying, so meh.
- Early on I thought Billis could be a Timelord. I realise now he couldn't, because of out-of-show considerations (the TLs coming back will have to be on Who, if they do) but it would have been fab.
- Rhys is alive! I was sad when he died, but I've expected it for ages. So when he came back to life, yay! Though I don't quite understand how.
- Sacking Owen. At last, some sense. But it seems he's back now *sigh*
- Having said that, Owen breaking down at the end was great.
- Policeman Andy! I loved that scene.
- Jack looking after Tosh was lovely.
- Jack telling the team what a bunch of losers they are. Heh.
- Oooh, all the clocks Billis had. Pretty.
Edit: - They may have finally figured out how to write ensemble. I think everyone had a reasonable amount of lines and action in both eps.
- Owen having to deal with the Black Death, and the idea of epidemics coming through. Yay.

- Bad CGI monster. Looked bad, was all misty for no reason, didn't interact with anything while close up. Also seemed to lack a point, since I thought the Rift being open would be bad enough without a specific Big Bad (with its weakness nicely tailored to Jack's strength).loveandgarbage points out a startling resemblance to the Chewits monster, too.
- Interesting villain went all declaimey and religious when the Big Bad came through. Bah.
- Why was a bit of the rift opener in Billis's cabinet?
- No continuity from last week (no surprise there) - I'd have liked to see Rhys wondering why he couldn't remember anything about the previous evening when he wasn't even drunk. And why he woke up upright on the sofa.
- Gwen brought Jack back with a kiss - very dull and predictable. (And if the cliche had to be done, I'd have preferred it to be Ianto, of course)
- I would have liked to have seen more of the out-of-time people. Because Romans and Saxons in Cardiff = cool.
- Gwen seemed unduly worried when Owen shot Jack, considering she's seen him shot before.
- Why did it take him longer to come back from being shot by Owen than by Suzie? I can fanwank it was because of the heart shot, but I don't feel I should have to.
- No conversation where the rest of the team go "Er, you were dead?!" Either time.

Obligatory (possible) Buffy steals:
- Images of dead or lost people come to our team to convince them of something, but are actually evil - the first, particularly in Conversations With Dead People
- Jack's team forcibly take over near the end, but screw up - Buffy's team forcibly etc etc.
- Billis (serving Abbaddon) similar to Doc (serving Glory).

There were other major plot holes I've temporarily forgotten.



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Jan. 2nd, 2007 08:57 am (UTC)
Excellent bad guy -- creepy, ambiguous, etc. When we saw the Torchwood folder in his desk (rubbish font for 1940 though), I thought maybe he was Torchwood back then. Which would have been cool too.
But it would have been so much better if they'd worked him in from the start of the series, as someone we encounter every few episodes.

I think by now we know that EVERY plot is nicked off Buffy or Angel. :(
And the demon thing was rubbish.
Jan. 2nd, 2007 09:37 am (UTC)
Jan. 3rd, 2007 12:51 am (UTC)
I thought it did give a decent explanation for why misbehaving team members are'nt sent away for a few weeks, suspended or otherwise, he keeps me close so they can't just bugger off and avoid the brain wipe!
Would have preferred them on seperate days..as first half was really more well rounded and well put togeather than finale..didnt mind the uffy references though thought they could have done the monster a lot differently..just kept expecting Gabriel Woolf's voice to come out of it! :)
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