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Should I randomly buy a laptop?

..Probably not. Hmm.

Reasons for:
- home PC is making funny noises and I'm paranoid it's going to DIE HORRIBLY (but not paranoid *enough* to get round to backing stuff up, procrastinatory me)
- I want to be able to sit and watch TV *and* be on the internet
- I want the shiny...

Reasons against:
- Home PC is not yet dead, and if it does die, I'll replace the motherboard anyway. Because I'd need to keep the main computer for the speed and the lovely 17-inch screen for watching Veronica Mars on.
- Supposed to be saving up to buy flat, also Christmas presents, etc.

See, those are DULL reasons.

I put a bid on one last night, and I wish I'd just won it before I had time to overthink the whole thing...
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