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Links and memes

There's an Alan Cumming interview in the Scotland on Sunday today. Excitingly, at the end of it it says he's in a Conversation With... thing at the Tron on the 15th October. Annoyingly, I can't find any mention of this on either his website or the Tron's website, so I think the SoS might have made it up.

The only comment on the article claims to be from Alan, bitching about it, but I have no idea whether it is him or not. Obviously.

Interesting article by John Scalzi about The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins' newest book. Which looks good too, actually. But I liked some of the things Scalzi said: "..Richard Dawkin's latest book The God Delusion, in which the eminent public scientist enthusiastically takes a cudgel to the very notion of God, representing Him as unneccesary, something of a bother and a definite public health hazard" made me laugh, and this quote is almost exactly how I feel: "I suspect Dawkins and I are in the same boat regarding the existence of God, which is to say we're agnostic about it, roughly to the same amount we're agnostic regarding invisible pink unicorns." I've never been really comfortable identifying as atheist, because I'm not 100% sure there definitely isn't any kind of god, and I thought atheists have to be. Dunno why, when it comes down to it, because plenty of religious people do have doubts about the existence of God. So there are many things I'm agnostic about to various degrees - aliens, telepathy, faked moon landings - most conspiracy theories, in fact, ghosts and spirits, auras and energy fields and so on. My most common opinion seems to be "Well, I severely doubt it, but I wouldn't like to rule it out completely," with "Intuitively, I severely doubt it, but all these people I trust and respect believe it, so..." running a close second.

Anyway, memeses, which is what I came here to do, because I now have a speshul icon, thanks to redatt.

1. How much TV do you watch?
Depends on the time of year. I watched tons of Big Brother, and for a while I got hooked on CSI and there were three or four of them a week. Just now I'm semi watching X Factor, when I remember, and Lost, and that's about it.

Oh, um. And I watch a LOT at work, obviously.

2. What type of show is your favorite?
Fantasy, or SF, probably. But basically anything with good scripts and, ideally, sexy people.

3. Which talk show host do you hate? All of them?
Oprah, because she thinks she's so much more than just a talk show host.

4. Are you looking forward to any new season premieres?
Torchwood! I don't think we really get much in the autumn, though, that I watch - most of the American shows turn up at the beginning of the year.

5. Which show is your guilty pleasure?
It used to be Big Brother, but I've been harassed about watching it so much that I've realised it's pure prejudice and hypocrisy most of the time, so I now refuse to feel guilty. So...probably Top Gear. Because I know I shouldn't find Jeremy Clarkson hysterical, but I do.

And to go along with it, from fiveforfriday:
1. Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?
I planned to go and get my eyes tested yesterday, and come and do overtime at work today. So...not really. But I've MADE some fun plans this weekend, to go and see bands and stuff!

2. What is your favourite dish to make/order for dinner? (recipes welcome!)
Eeek, dunno. Pasta something, anyway.

3. Favourite Obsession of the moment?
Elizabeth George's Inspector Lynley books. The books are much better than the TV series, by the way. But that's really an extension of my Lord Peter Wimsey fetish - I started reading the Lynley books because Elizabeth George wrote the introduction for the new editions of the DL Sayers Wimsey books.

4. Favourite Texture?
Freshly laundered duvet.

5. Pick your favourite upic and tell us about it.
Oooh, I love lots of my upics. I like ones that mix two or three fandoms, like my Chaotic Good V for Vendetta one, or my Cap'n Jack/ Vera one that mixes Doctor Who and Firefly. And my Dalek ones with Hitchhiker's Guide quotes. And now I love this one I've used, which I just made using Adam Kelsey's button maker, as inspired by redatt.

In case anyone's wondering, incidentally, TTD stands for Textually Transmitted Disease, and this icon will be used for memes, so you can avoid them if you want.


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Sep. 17th, 2006 07:20 pm (UTC)
Oh, good colour call :o) I was too lazy to change the pre-sets.

I've been meaning to read the Wimsey books for ages, but I've been put off Lynley by the TV series -- perhaps I'll give those a go, too.
Sep. 18th, 2006 10:16 am (UTC)
It occurs to me I should have made it match my journal, but never mind!

You should definitely read the Wimsey books. The Lynley ones I'm not enjoying AS much, but I think that might just be because I'd marry Wimsey in an instant, but wouldn't touch Lynley with a bargepole because he's got some hideous ideas about relationships!
Sep. 18th, 2006 09:43 pm (UTC)
Torchwood -- there's still nothing about that on the BBC site, which seems strange. Didn't the first season of Doctor Who have a long teaser campaign?
Sep. 19th, 2006 05:40 pm (UTC)
It is weird, and yes, Who did have a long teaser campaign. I went searching, when I made this post, to see if there was a date yet, and was surprised when I couldn't find one. I'll keep an eye out...
Sep. 19th, 2006 08:09 pm (UTC)
It's all a big hoax!!!
Sep. 20th, 2006 10:00 am (UTC)
Nooo! I've been pinning all my hopes for the autumn TV schedule on seeing John Barrowman's bum ;o)
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