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All the cool kids are doing it...

A getting-to-know-you meme. From about a zillion people, who have all seen my answers in their comments already. *gives in to the peer pressure*

1) Where do you live? Glasgow, Scotland
2) How old are you? 28. And nearly a half.
3) Married, or otherwise attached? Nope.
4) Kids? How many? How old? None, and none planned, as I don't want to end up in jail for drowning them in a sack.
5) Pets? None at the moment. Leaning towards getting a cat when I buy my own place, though - just not sure how fair it is to the cat if I'm in an flat and working all week. I used to have mice - they were great.
6) Occupation? Subtitler! I do the closed captions for BBC TV programmes, mostly.
7) Religious leanings? Anti organised religion, mostly, and agnostic (in the "I don't think we CAN know" sense rather than the "Er...not sure" one). Brought up Christian Protestant, realised in my teens that I just...didn't believe any of it. I like bits of paganism and Buddhism and various other things, but don't really feel a need for a spiritual life.
8) Political leanings? Another godless liberal :o) Though I go a bit right-wing about education - universities are *supposed* to be elitist, goddammit. And teachers should have the right to shoot expel the evillest kids.
9) What do you do for fun? Read, hang around on the internet, roleplay, play Playstation, watch SF TV, sleep, buy shinygadgets from ebay, proofread shop signs and advertising posters.
10) Play any instruments? No. I can read music ve-e-e-ery slo-o-o-owly, and had piano lessons when I was 7 or so, and know about five chords on the guitar.
11) Favourite types of music? Indie, musicals, pop music with proper orchestral instruments in.
12) What makes YOU special? *blank look* Um. I react to unexpected things in comic-book style: I actually go "Eep!" or "Waah!" or "Urk!" That's quite special, in many senses of the word.

Courtesy of redatt,
[now edited to make it a template rather than some writing in bold]
<b>1) Where do you live?</b>
<b>2) How old are you?</b>
<b>3) Married, or otherwise attached?</b>
<b>4) Kids? How many? How old?</b>
<b>5) Pets?</b>
<b>6) Occupation?</b>
<b>7) Religious leanings?</b>
<b>8) Political leanings?</b>
<b>9) What do you do for fun?</b>
<b>10) Play any instruments?</b>
<b>11) Favourite types of music?</B>
<b>12) What makes YOU special?</b>



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Jun. 20th, 2006 02:18 pm (UTC)
And this is the handy templating templating thing:

<pre><code>&lt;b&gt;1) Where do you live?&lt;/b&gt;
&lt;b&gt;2) How old are you?&lt;/b&gt;
&lt;b&gt;3) Married, or otherwise attached?&lt;/b&gt;
&lt;b&gt;4) Kids? How many? How old?&lt;/b&gt;
&lt;b&gt;5) Pets?&lt;/b&gt;
&lt;b&gt;6) Occupation?&lt;/b&gt;
&lt;b&gt;7) Religious leanings?&lt;/b&gt;
&lt;b&gt;8) Political leanings?&lt;/b&gt;
&lt;b&gt;9) What do you do for fun?&lt;/b&gt;
&lt;b&gt;10) Play any instruments?&lt;/b&gt;
&lt;b&gt;11) Favourite types of music?&lt;/B&gt;
&lt;b&gt;12) What makes YOU special?&lt;/b&gt;</code></pre>


I don't want to end up in jail for drowning them in a sack.

They're annoyingly difficult to lug about in a sack ...
Jun. 20th, 2006 02:32 pm (UTC)
Oh yeah. Huh. It never even occured to me that that would happen. *pokes brain*

They're annoyingly difficult to lug about in a sack ...

Well, you have to do it while they're quite small, I suppose. Or, er, get a sleigh?
Jun. 20th, 2006 04:47 pm (UTC)
If you do *seriously* consider having a cat in a flat at some point then it would really depend on where you were living. Some smaller blocks with grounds and you could have a cat flap arrangement, anything where the cat would be indoors all the time and it would be cat toys and climbing frames a plenty to keep active. I've got a book somewhere that I could look out if you ever need it.
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