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Last night I finished reading Douglas Coupland's new book jPod. It's a while since I've talked about books on here but I wanted to mention this one because I really liked it, but it freaked me out a bit.

If you've read Microserfs, it's got the same typographical mucking about as that - lots of random stuff that's intriguing and in no way hurts the story. But it's also...it's basically like Microserfs, with a daily-grind-at-a-tech-company sort of style, but a lot of the things that happen seem to belong in a different genre of book or style of writing altogether. And he's put himself in the story. And it's weird! But I recommend it.

Yesterday and today I have had nurses jabbing me with needles and stealing all my blood to try and find out why I keep getting ill. Because the doctor decided to check up on various things rather than just hand out more pills to me - bloody conscientious doctors. It should have been all done yesterday but I nearly fainted, so they stopped and I had to go back today. Sometime between 1999, which was the last time I got blood tests done, and now, my veins appear to have gone into hiding, and were causing the nurses all sorts of problems. Sigh. So I'm now covered in little round plasters, and my arms feel weak and wobbly, which I'm sure is psychological - they didn't take THAT much blood.

I cheered myself up afterwards by going into town and buying the new ShinyPhone I've been waiting for the release of. It's the Nokia N80:

It's very pretty. And it's got a 3 megapixel camera and an mp3 player and gets email and gets on the internet using WiFi and...all sorts of stuff. Now that I've got it I fully intend to start on hundred_pics again. I'm currently dossing around on eBay waiting for a memory card auction to end so I can have 2gb of memory - lots of mp3s and pictures! Yay! Accidentally bought a Regeneration Pack of Doctor Who figures, because it's a Chris Eccleston figure, whee! Has John Cusack been in any films that made an action figure of him? Hmmm. Ohhh and I bought more Doctor Who stickers, too - must go and stick them in my album. Heh.



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Jun. 13th, 2006 07:53 pm (UTC)
I hope that the conscientous doctors and jabbing nurses figure out what's been making you feel ill, and all the best for getting better (whatever nasty it might be).

Cool phone! I got a new one a couple of weeks ago, a Motorola L6 to replace my five year old Nokia brick. I was impressed that technology had moved on so much. :) I went and bought something to cheer me up after some dentistry yesterday but that was a piece of rock (Okenite actually, its fuzzy and a very pretty crystal/mineral to have).
Jun. 14th, 2006 11:40 am (UTC)
Thanks! Hope the dentistry went well too. (That reminds me, I *must* register with a dentist. Argh.)

Just googled okenite - it's so pretty! And slightly Tribble-like :o)
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