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Basic commands of elephant training program

1. Lift leg up high ( to get on )
You always have to firmly grab the ear with the right hand side then hold the rope or skin of elephants and then use use your right leg kick the elephant's leg and say " song soong"
2. 2. Lift the leg up high ( to get off) "Hab Soong"
You always have to grab the ear then kick the shoulder of the elephant by your foot and say "Hab soong"
3. 3. Go (nugde ears forward with both feet) " Pai / Hui"
You have to kick behind the elephant 's ear and say " Pai / Hui
4. Slow down (squeeze tight around the neck) " How "
You have to squeeze you knee and say " How" until the elephant stop
5. Turn ( nugde the left ear to turn right and nugde the right ear to turn left.)
Turn right you have to kick only left and turn left you have kick right leg and say " Baen" until the elephant turn...
6. Walk backwards (push your weight backwards) = Sok
You have to push your bottom backward and say " Sok" until they turn..
7. Walk backwards (push your weight backwards) = Sok
You have to push your bottom backward and say " Sok" until they turn..
8. Bow head ( to get on and get of ) = Tag long
This is the second way for getting off. You have to put your both foot in front elephant head and your hand hold their neck or ears and say" Tag long" when they down you have to slide down in front their head and then jump up over their head for get on...
9. "Tag long" to jump up over their neck....
10. Lie down on their belly = map long
You have to use the hook sticks on their back and say " Map long"
11. Stand up = Look kheun
When the elephant lie down you have to say " Look Kheun"
for the elephant to stand up
12. Sit down = Nung long
if you want elephant sit down you have to use the hook hit their back and say "Nung long"
13. Lie down on their side = non dee
When the elephant are sleeping you have to stay " non dee" it means still sleep..
14. Lay down when the elephant lie down already you have to say "Non long" the elephant will sleep..
15. Come here or come to me = Ma phe, phe
You have to stand in front of them and say " Phe ma, phe
16. To drink water = Bong
You have to say " Bong"
17. Say " sawasdee" for Thai greeting..
18. Hold the tail = Jub hang
19. Hold trunk up = Bon Soong
20. Pick up the chain = Jaab sow
21. Follow me = Phe ma
22. Submerge head in the water = Dum long
23. Flick trunk to push log = Yok
24. Use the tusks to push the log = Toe
25. Use the head to push the log = Toe lid
26. Kick the log backwards = Koh toe
27. Kick the log around = Phear
28. Straighten out log = Koh ma
29. To spray water = Bon Soong.

I know some of the spellings are wrong, and they seem to be going backwards at least twice, but still - how cool?! I had to research the commands for a Holiday programme I'm doing.


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May. 10th, 2006 12:23 pm (UTC)
As the official (The Goliath Corporation) Tigger Elephant Trainer I can tell you that you have it all wrong, You start with "do you want a prezzie" and proceed from there, when all things are possible.
May. 10th, 2006 10:29 pm (UTC)
Ah, when I started reading this I thought you were doing 'The Making Of Hannibal'.
May. 11th, 2006 03:46 am (UTC)
Well, it certainly sounds as if you're ready to start.
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