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Very very frightening

What was I going to squee about today?

The gig last night was wonderful - Andy's new songs are great, and yet again he played the song I like most and dedicated it to me. Whee! And he had a violinist and cellist as well as his guitar and piano-playing, so it sounded *wonderful*. There was a bit of a roll-call of Glasgow musicians there, with Esther, Jo Mango and Paul from Spoonfed Productions, as well as Michael McCarthy (I think) supporting. Also among the 30 or so people in the room were spiderpixie's ex-landlord, and some people I recognised from the work canteen. Yes, it's true - there are only about 50 people in the west end of Glasgow.

Of course, while the gig going on, there was also the most enormous thunderstorm Glasgow's seen in years. It was SOOOO pretty. There are lots of photos of it on flickr - it went on for well over an hour, and it was just stunning. And today the weather is beautiful again.

Today's been one of those days at work where nothing's working, so I am actually working right now - at least, I'm waiting to see if some files are going to deign to serve to the broadcast server, or if it's utterly screwed. Sigh. I keep phoning people to see what's wrong and discovering they know less than me, which is always disconcerting.


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