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Blues Jam

Last night we went out to the State Bar for the blues jam they do every Tuesday. The State Bar is a proper old pub - all dark wood, random pictures on the wall, beer tankards hanging off the top of the big, circular bar, and a fug of smoke making everyone look slightly blurry. I love it. My preference in a pub tends to be "old man's pub", because it's likely to be fairly quiet, there'll be seats available, there won't be any wankerish trendies there, and the booze will be cheap. Three out of four of these apply to the State Bar on a Tuesday - you definitely can't say it's quiet!

I went straight from work and met up with a bunch of people there including spiderpixie and her hairy drummer, and Michael whose birthday it was. Turned out the hairy drummer and most of the other guys we were with all knew most of the people in the bar. The blues jam was great - seems like it's the same people who go most weeks, so the comperes know everyone's name and totally take the piss. Both Michael and the hairy drummer got to play drums for a bit, and a couple of other people I know were guitaring. I LOVE listening to people jamming, because I just have no idea how they do it at all. The comperes were calling random groups of people up on stage, and they were muttering a bit, picking a song, and just going for it. Amazing!

To finish up, a guy called Fraser was called up on stage. And blew me away. He's pretty much world-famous in his field, which is harmonica. When you put "fraser harmonica" into Google (without the quotes), he's the third hit, and apparently he's the guy that plays on TV at Hogmanay. No idea what channel, though. Anyway, I had no idea a harmonica could make sounds like that! (I'm told that they don't, generally. Just when he plays them.) He's an absolute star - he had everyone in fits of giggles, and joining in with call and responses. *And* he gets away with the bald head/ little ponytail at the back combination without looking like too much of a twat. I was impressed.

Ladies and gentlemen, Fraser Spiers. Go check out his mp3s.



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Nov. 16th, 2005 09:06 pm (UTC)
fraser spiers
ive got a few records with fraser spiers playing harmonica on them, hes quite well known in scottish rock circles.
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