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..part two...



  • Visions Of A Small Island - great! Someone talking about Hellsing, which sounds fab, and then a mad Welsh Anglican vicar dude who also lectures in SF at the University of Glamorgan, talking about Wales in the Fforde books. peake was moderating, but it was two papers being given rather than a debate, so he didn't seem to get to do much!

  • Second Golden Age of Children's Fantasy with brisingamen and Francis Spufford among others. Great, but I've lost the bit of paper I had with about 15 names of authors and books to check out... A lot of the books that were talked about I hadn't read, but they sounded good. Diana Wynne Jones got a few namechecks - yay! In my programme, beside Conor Kostick's name I'd written EPIC and I couldn't remember why. It's a book he's written and it sounds great. Must find that bit of paper.

Did: Lucas Back In Anger at night. Spoof of all 6 Star Wars films and almost everything else in the universe, essentially. I thought this was a wonderful show...almost. If they'd had a decent stage manager and especially sound tech*, and, particularly, another months' rehearsal, it would have been truly fabulous. I'm hoping it comes back - maybe a reprise at Eastercon? Best bits: 3,000 people kazooing the Imperial March, the cardboard X-wings, the Death Star, and Darth Vader in suspenders. (But then I'm biased - I've known him since he was in Pratchett's Maskerade with me a few years ago.) Not sure what else we did - there seem to be a few largeish gaps in the timetable. I know we had dinner with Darth and his family...


Pratchett Spots: In the morning, hatless, with a white checked shirt on - going incognito, obviously. Later on in a black dress shirt and trousers. Very snazzy, but still no hat. Just as we were leaving - hatted Pratchett. Groovy.

* If you are the sound tech or stage manager, and it really wasn't all your fault, sorry...but it looked like it.



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Aug. 12th, 2005 03:00 pm (UTC)
I'm just starting on Hellsing after hearing good reports on it from various sources and, yes, Hirano's bizarre portrayal of British culture and characters is really jaw-dropping. I like to think of it as karmic payback for exoticised western portrayals of Japan and Japanese characters...
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