November 15th, 2010


Four months

Eek, was 15th July actually the last time I posted? I am still here! I...haven't been reading, actually. Sorry. I do intend to come back. It's all Twitter's fault.

Not much happening, mind you. I went to see The Indelicates a couple of weeks ago and they were amazing; I went to see Skunk Anansie tonight and they were OK. (There were seats at the 13th Note and not at the O2; this may have something to do with my enjoyment, since I am, apparently, old.) And I was never a huge fan of Skunk Anansie anyway - I love Skin and like maybe a third of their songs.

Assume I've been annoyed at everything you think I've been annoyed at politically for the last four months. It's involved a lot of swearing.