October 2nd, 2009



Yeah, so this updating regularly thing isn't going great. Sorry. Hello!


  • Letterman talking about his blackmailer was pretty funny. And I admire him for it. And I really, really wish people would stop going on about his "affairs" and his "cheating" - have they never heard of open relationships or polyamory? I'm not saying either of these things apply to his relationship with his now-wife, but I'm not assuming they don't, either.

  • Interesting how media opinions on the Polanski thing have changed in the last few days. Looks like quite a lot of the industry mouthed off before reading about the facts, or were very out of sync with public opinion, or both. Wonder how many people regret signing that petition now. (IMO, if anyone cares: He was convicted of a crime and fled before sentencing. He should be extradited, and if he thinks there was judicial misconduct, he can ask for a mistrial or appeal, like anyone else. I wouldn't if I were him, mind you, because I doubt he'd get off with a "sex with a minor" charge these days - it was rape, pure and simple. And now he also has to do his time for fleeing.) Good list here of celebrities supporting the extradition. (And jeez, if Kevin Smith is more sensitive to gender and rape issues than you, take a look at yourself. Much as I love him.)

  • Less than 24 hours between the first girl-dies-after-cancer-jab story and the information that she actually died of a huge tumour in her chest that could have killed her any time, and yet people are still claiming the vaccine's unsafe, it's a cover-up, it would be irresponsible to have your daughter vaccinated without more testing, and so on. Argh. Hoping Ben Goldacre gets round to ranting about it soon.

  • New TV season! Derren Brown's been great. I quite enjoyed the first three new Heroes, though (judging by the number of downloads and the number of pages of TWOP forum comments) the viewership has plummeted. Although it helps that one of the new characters reminds me of a younger Anthony Stewart Head. First Dollhouse ep was very good (as was Epitaph One). I quite enjoyed the first Flashforward, too, and am about to watch the second - I've read the book, so I'm in that weird place of knowing what happens in some storylines, *until they change it*. All a bit Schrodinger. And I've got two Big Bang Theory eps to watch, too, yay.

  • Also: Unspeak wonders how to spell I'ma/Imma/Ima. Comes to the same conclusion as I have at work, and is therefore Right. Rats playing miniature musical instruments. May be my new wallpaper. Almost Cththuloid balloon creatures. Escher bunk beds. (Want!) Onomastikon - names from many countries and time periods. RP resource, but fascinating. Best porn I've seen in ages - Beautiful Agony; people film themselves from the neck up while orgasming. (Probably NSFW. Especially if you have speakers.) Salon talks about Polanski. A companion project to FML, My Life Is Average. Strangely heartwarming. Gay teens in Oklahoma. Straightforwardly heart-warming. Carl Sagan talks about the pale blue dot. Awesome.

  • And worthy of a line of its own, fjm's book Diana Wynne Jones: The Fantastic Tradition and Children's Literature is out in paperback. I've had the hardback on my wishlist since it came out four years ago, but could never quite justify the £60. £20? Hell yes.

Thanks to all those I've nicked these links off, over the last week or so!