February 16th, 2009

bad wolf

Wrrrrrk Night out

Good God I'm drunk. I don't tend to get *that* drunk much.

Wrrrrk in 11 hours. Optimum sleeping/ sobering up ratio?

(Leaving do for Judy who's been there for 23 years and trained me *sob*)

Also: even when I'm drunk I'm pedantic as hell and edit until there are no typos...

Also, happy slightly belated birthday sloopjonb!

(Shit, I really need to get in touch with my mate whose birthday was sometime-last-weekend....)
billy connolly

Overheard in Cessnock...

I was behind a group of four young teenagers on my way home tonight.

Teenager 1, outraged: Steven, she disnae* know what a fuckin' diplodocus is!

Teenager 2, defensive: It's a fuckin' Harry Potter creature!

Teenager 1, even more outraged: It's a fuckin' dinosaur!!!

It's nice that they're all about the knowledge.

* It's Glasgow, it's actually more like "duzzny", but that looks entirely wrong.