January 21st, 2009

boom de yada

President Obama

I was at work last night, but I got to half-watch the inauguration. Wasn't it amazing? Congratulations, you Americans! Hail to the Chief!

Rick Warren seemed to make all the right noises, I suppose, although I was too busy muttering about the separation of church and state to really pay attention. Aretha Franklin (and her hat!) - fabulous! I'm sure the classical musicians were too, but I was mildly perplexed by the musical choice of Lord Of The Dance - I hadn't expected the spectre of Michael Flatley to rise up and disturb the proceedings.

Obama's inaugural address (text and video) was sheer brilliance. And his speech-writer is only 27 - I can't decide whether that's depressing or inspiring. It hit so many great spots, while still keeping in all the religion and uber-patriotism that seems to be compulsory. Collapse )

Random Inauguration links:

  • Inauguration video from the LA Times, with a Martin Luther King clip predicting a black president within 40 years, clips from the inauguration, and reactions from various people including the Heroes cast who stopped filming to watch.

  • The BBC Wordles the inauguration speech. Notable lack of "change", there, actually.

  • The new White House site, notably the blog and the technology agenda. "Restore Scientific Integrity to the White House: Restore the basic principle that government decisions should be based on the best-available, scientifically-valid evidence and not on ideological predispositions." I <3 you. Please come and govern here. And bring your "safeguard internet privacy" and "improve science teaching" policies, too.

  • CNN's "The Moment" photo blending thingy with Microsoft Photosynth - combines all the photos people have sent in of Obama taking the oath, so you can scroll and drag to see it from any distance and any angle. Technology awe!

  • And Anna Pickard at the Guardian reviews the internet reaction to the inauguration.