December 22nd, 2008


Happies day...six?

Oops, missed yesterday...I'm sure I had a couple of things I wanted to mention. No idea what. Today's:

1. Technically today: I watched Have I Got A Bit More News For You (iPlayer) before I went to bed, and giggled for 40 minutes straight. I do love Jeremy Clarkson, even especially when he's insulting everyone he possibly can. And assaulting Ian with a pen. Poor Ian. And the lovely Ed Byrne was on, too.

2. Shopping was a nightmare, BUT! I got wrapping paper (and have done all my wrapping), and I discovered the new Kshocolat shop in the Buchanan Galleries, to my glee. They've been selling the Orange & Cardamom and Honeycomb & Vanilla chocolate bars in the local deli, and they're lovely. So I got a bunch more chocolate-related things for people's presents. (I'd been planning to get the traditional Thorntons, but the shelves were practically empty in the branch I went into. Not a sliver of toffee in the place.)

3. Mmm, chicken fajitas for dinner. And gingernut latte on the way home.

4. My brother is coming round tomorrow to help me take all the presents and things down to my parents', hurray. My dad had offered to pick me up, but it's a hassle, and a fraternal visit requires much less tidying and panicking than a parental one anyway.

5. This short post from theferrett made me laugh, mostly because I'm also guilty of categorising things as "useful as a weapon" or not. I disconcerted my mum in Paris by thoughtfully hefting various sizes and weights of tacky Eiffel Tower figurine, and muttering about the possibilities.

6. Ian McKellan, as always, FTW. He's been touring schools to talk to them about homosexuality. Guardian article:
When asked how religious studies teachers in all schools should explain the stance of Christianity, Judaism and Islam on homosexuality, McKellen said: "They should abandon the teaching of their church, because it is cruel and misplaced."
And also, something I missed at the time:
In 2006, McKellen angered the Catholic church when he said its leaders should be pleased that The Da Vinci Code, a best-selling novel and film in which he acted, confirmed that Jesus Christ was not gay, but married to Mary Magdalene.

7. Oh! I got around to reading Freakonomics, which I really should have done before. It's great. I can tell I'm going to be referring people to it for a significant amount of time - it's very readable and interesting in its own right, not dry at all, but manages to clearly explain statistical and economic concepts almost incidentally along the way. (Ahh, correlation-is-not-causation, one of my favourite bugbears. If one can have favourite bugbears.) The idea that "the single greatest factor in America's decreasing crime figures since 1990, is the legalisation of abortion in 1973" is something I'll greatly enjoy positing to right-wingers.